Consider an investment!

May I be bold enough to ask for your support as a beginning professional artist! It has taken me some time to come to a conclusion that this same artistic talent that I have been entrusted with since very young age, is truly something that God wants to use for His glory through me. The more I examine my gifts and passions, the more I cannot imagine doing anything else but art. 

While I am still figuring out my style, I am looking to God to guide me in this pursuit. Whatever it will be and I am sure it will change with time, I am confident that it will be an inspiration to many. Precisely, this is my goal for 2017 and I am going to start it with something exciting you won't want to miss out on. .

In the meantime, help me clear my studio a little bit and make an investment into my artwork in the shop. You might not see such a discount on my original paintings again, but until January 31st, take 25% off everything in the shop using happy25 coupon code. If you are able to pick up the artwork, use coupon code pickup4free and then email me to schedule a time for pick-up. 

Thank you immensely, you are my hero! See you in 2017 :)

snizhko fine art canvas and brushes shop sale 25% off everything till jan31st

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