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About me

At three years of age I doodled, by four I illustrated fairy tales for the library and talent shows, by seven I mastered copying, at ten I was producing oil paintings, at thirteen I won my first cash price for an artwork, during high school I was painting light, and at eighteen college became a transition between an extracurricular activity and a career.

The beauty of nature around me is the biggest motivation and inspiration to create something uniquely beautiful. I constantly strive to reflect God’s glorious masterwork in my beginnings. As I photograph the fields of harvest and even the dry grass in the fall, I feel closer to God when I’m close with His creation; down on the ground and interacting with each blade grass and big hay stacks, flowers and rocks, spring buds and ice. When painting, I can’t help but feel joy when shaping a flower or a vast landscape knowing that God’s hands were there first. Each brushstroke gives life to God’s masterpiece.

While some people are not aware of South Dakota, there is such a vast expanse of beauty in the mundane and ordinary. Precisely that is my challenge, to capture the commonplace and give it a viewpoint and attention.

Besides being an artist, I am an oldest sister to 2 sisters and 5 brothers. When I was 12, our entire family moved to United States for permanent residence. I graduated from University of Sioux Falls in 2014 with a Fine Art major and Entrepreneurial Studies minor. God willing, I will graduated with a Masters in Education in 2017.

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